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Amazon Clipper Cruises offers distinctly Amazonian boats for your touring pleasure. Each boat has unique characteristics; however, each provides the tourist with the ultimate in safety, comfort, and reliability.


We offer excellent meals, up to international standards, prepared with utmost care by our experienced kitchen staff. Served as buffet you can help yourself from a great variety of fresh foods including daily specials or choice vegetarian meals. The boat`s kitchens are fully equipped with freezers, filters and a large supply of mineral water.


We operate all cruises in two different standards of cruise comfort:


The Traditional Fleet contains several boats with similar comfort and facilities, such as air-conditioned cabins with private toilet, covered dining room with bar and library and a 360░ view sundeck. Amazon riverboat with traditional lines is the "AMAZON CLIPPER".

For those who wish the comfort of a luxury ship, the Premium Fleet offers ôsimply the bestö small-ship cruising in the Amazon. The Premium Fleet hosts all guests in spacious all-outside cabins, with lower beds, private bathroom facilities with hot shower, individual air-conditioning and safety box. 

The window-lined dining room (air-conditioned) seats all passengers leisurely at same time. The entertainment deck offers a large air-conditioned lecture room with library/video facilities, a bar with plenty of comfortable seating, as well as a large covered area for outdoor sightseeing.

Amazon luxury boats with premium standard are the "PREMIUM" and the "OTTER PREMIUM".

Both categories were designed exclusively for cruising on the Amazon River and its tributaries. Using years of experience on other tour boats we made several design innovations to make them as comfortable as possible and still offer a perfect interaction with nature.

The shallow draught allows us to visit locations inaccessible to many other boats and the outboard powered canoes that we carry are used for trips in lagoons, narrow channels, creeks and flooded forest.

The boats have VHF Marine Band Radio communications, navigation aided by depth-sounder, certified compass and satellite-based maps.

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