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Sport Fishing

Welcome to one of the most exciting fishing adventures anywhere - a week exploring the fabled waters of the Amazon basin for MONSTER peacock bass with Amazon Clipper Cruises.


Your quarry is the awesome peacock bass, not only one of the most beautiful of all freshwater fish, but also one of the strongest and most acrobatic in the world. You should expect to do battle with fish in the 10-20 pound class and possibly a few much larger!

Amazon Clipper Cruises offers you the best rivers in the Amazon for giant trophy peacock bass. The rivers we fish produce more peacock bass in excess of 20 lbs. than any other rivers in South America. Natives of this region frequently report catching monster peacocks in excess of 14 kilos (30 lbs.) on hand lines, and we certainly believe them. One of the rivers we fish, the mighty Rio Negro, is home to the IGFA all tackle record (27.5 lbs.) caught in 1994. The rivers we fish are all ôblack waterö, which is the color of dark tea, caused by tannic acids. Due to the acid content, mosquitos are unable to breed, thus eliminating these feisty pests.

The fishing experience of a lifetime is how most visiting anglers describe their peacock bass fishing trip to the Amazon with Amazon Clipper Cruises aboard their vessels Amazon Clipper and the Otter.


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