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Parintins boi-bumba festival is one of the most amazing folkloric celebrations on earth, a mixture of African originated folklore and Amazon Indigenous rituals. A spectacle full of fantasy and colours, dance and rhythm but the protagonists are two oxen, Garantido and Caprichoso, disputing the high value image to be the winner of the Parintins folkloric festival.
















 TheBumbˇdromo, a large arena always crowded with more than 36ĺ000 enthusiasticspectators, seemed every night to explode due to their dance choreography andvibrancy music, surrounded by thunderous fireworks.

The sumptuousness of this celebration has gained national and international attention the past few years.


Parintins Boi Bumba Festival is a world full ofmagic, bright colors, music, dance and folklore - a feast for the senses..



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