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House Boats


The Amazon Clipper mothership offers seven air conditioned cabins with bunk style beds and a private bath/shower in each cabin. It also offers an open air dining area, bar, lounge deck up top, satellite phone and laundry service.

The Amazon Clipper with it’s shallow draft of 2.5 feet, is perfect for navigating the most remote regions of the Amazon Rain Forest in search of the best fishing without giving up all of the comforts of home. The water levels in the Amazon Basin constantly fluctuate and at times become too high or too low for producing good fishing. However, boats with shallow drafts such as the Amazon Clipper are a MUST when water levels become too low. This where the Amazon Clipper truly has the advantage and gives YOU the best opportunity to access the big peacock bass in shallow water and hard to get to areas.

The service aboard the Amazon Clipper is second to none. The staff has many years of experience in serving anglers and nature tour enthusiasts that venture to the Amazon. The food is a blend of American and Brazilian cuisine. The owner/operator has over 20 years of experience in the Amazon Tourism business and is very knowledgeable in logistics and the surrounding culture. The guides are simply the best in the Amazon and have extensive background in guiding American fishermen.





Your week on the Amazon will be aboard the Amazon’s newest, largest and finest houseboat. There is approximately 7,750 square feet for the clients to relax in and enjoy. The Otter is a four deck, twin diesel, spacious, floating hotel that can fish anywhere in the Amazon basin - even in 3 ft. of water. Equipped with 8 double state suites with side by side beds and private bathrooms - with showers and hot water. The four deck Otter has become the essence of luxury and comfort when fishing for Peacock bass in Brazil. Whether you are relaxing in the Jacuzzi or dining on gourmet meals, a stay on the Otter is no less than a 5-star experience.  For anglers afraid of missing news from home the Otter is also equipped with satellite Phone and comfortable, relaxing large suites that enable its guest to unwind after a successful day of fishing the mystic river that is the Amazon.  This floating hotel has a huge air conditioned dining room that can seat 20 people, plus an air-conditioned recreation room with satellite TV, DVD and VCR. The third deck has an outdoor bar, tackle room and a Jacuzzi.  The OTTER is without a doubt the nicest of all houseboats for fishing the Amazon and was constructed with the angler who plans on taking his spouse and doesn’t want to give up the comforts of home in mind.


The Amazon Clipper and the Otter provides the ultimate in comfort and safety for our clients.

Aboard our vessels safety of its guests is a top priority. It is and always has been a certainty with all of Amazon Clipper Cruises’ clientele, that safety is an absolute given both on and off the house boats. Many high profile guests have put their trust in Amazon Clipper Cruises, and will continue to do so because 2 facts are clear; you will catch fish and you will have a safe and comfortable trip aboard the Amazon’s most completes fishing boats.

Supply Boat 

The custom with fishing operations in the Amazon is to carry clients, guides, crew, etc. on one yacht or houseboat. This also includes about 1,500 gallons of gasoline or ethanol in the hold. Wow! Kinda Scary! Well, to set your mind at ease, all our gasoline/ethanol is carried on a 2nd houseboat. All guides and crew sleep aboard the supply boat, which makes the houseboats twice as roomy and very safe. We go the extra mile for our clients’ comfort and safety.
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