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Fishing Gear

Peacock bass inhabit the warm waters of South America, Central America and Southern Florida. However, for some reason yet to be explained, they grow to world record size in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil. These particular Peacocks are the strongest, most acrobatic, and the most fierce fighters of all Peacocks anywhere else in the Peacock world. These fantastic fighters are simply unbelievable and require special tough tackle to successfully boat these incredible fish.


In an effort to save our clients hundreds of dollars and hours of shopping time we provide all your rods, reels, and lures for your trip totally free! This insures that you have all the right lures, correct rods and reels to do battle with these “terrors of the jungle.’” Our equipment is top of the line equipment especially designed for this one tough fish.

Rods - our rods are all medium/heavy to heavy action with some spinning rods for the light tackle enthusiast. All rods are 6’9” to 7’ in length with long handles to put lots of pressure on the Peacock bass.

Reels - Our reels are mostly level wind reels with “special built up gears” to take the extreme pressure exerted by these monster fish. We also have a few left-handed reels and some spinning reels.

Line - All our reels are spooled with 80 lb. and 100 lb. Spectra by Izorline. Over the past 15 years of outfitting Peacock bass fishing trips we find Izorline to be the best of the best for Peacocks.

Lures – The Boats has one of the largest collections of Peacock bass fishing lures you could find anywhere. We have over 40 tackle boxes full of every kind of lure, in any color imaginable. In prop baits our favorite is the Kaempfer “Peacock Special” which is a custom bait, designed by RSA, made for our clients. However, we do have hundreds of Big Game Woodchoppers in all colors, Amazon Rippers, and the small Peacock specials.

Other Baits - During times of stress for the fish which include low water conditions and high water conditions the Peacock simply don’t want to bite the big topwaters. However, experienced guides know the fish will still bite but on different lures. So, we have a wide variety of jerk baits such as red-fins, Magnum Rattletraps, and our favorite which is the Kaempfer Speed Minnow.
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