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23:37 16/01/2016
Jan 2016: A chance de levar os meu avós americanos pra conhecer um pouco do Brasil foi surpreendente! Vivemos experiencias incriveis em um cenario maravilhoso. As meninas da limpeza e da cozinha estao de parabéns, recepçao muito agradavel e Eddie, Roberto e Joel sao nota 10! Mariana Farias : Curitiba, PR

18:24 28/06/2015
premium clipper Jun2015: We had a unforgettable trip with the premium clipper. Everything on the boat was nice, staff were friendly, guide were very knowledgeable. Wish we would come back for another one. : New Jersey

11:02 04/03/2014
Amazon Clipper, Feb. 2014: A great experience on the river. Vessel created a good atmosphere, Crew 5+ and food excellent! Recommended! : Jaanus Jamnes, Estonia

Premium Cruise, August 5, 2013 to August 11, 2013 : What a great cruise! From August 5, 2013 to August 11, 2013 I spent six wonderful days and five nights cruising the Rios Solimoes, Negro and of course the Amazonas In a luxury river boat with all the conveniences anyone could want; cabin with air conditioning and a private bathroom with shower. During the cruise we took canoes to visit Rios Ariau and Cuieiras as well as lakes Janauaca and Janauari to see flora and fauna up close. To do so, we got up every morning at 5:30 AM to be in canoes by 6:00 AM to set out to explore the rain forest before breakfast. The canoe trips were sometimes repeated in the afternoon and went into the evening. We saw the meeting of the waters, visited an Indian settlement and a local caboclo’s home, fished piranha and swam in both Rios Solimoes and Negro. Our guides Hugo and Luiz were friendly and knowledgeable on every aspect of the forest, rivers and regional culture. The whole crew was very nice. My thanks for helping to make this a memorable trip goes out to Eddie for the great caipirinhas, Simone and kitchen staff for the delightful gourmet food and for frying up the Piranha we caught. Humm… good. A special thanks to Amadeu who answered my numerous questions about the region as he operated the outboard motor to our canoe. I also want to thank Fernando for the most informative tour through the forest showing us the large tarantula and jungle survival skills. I hope I can return one day for another wonderful cruise on the Premium river boat. : Gary Larsen, San Francisco

19:47 08/07/2013
Clipper cruise tour: Just completed a tour on the clipper. Our guides Christoff and Wolf were exceptional sharing their knowledge and answering all questions! The staff was warm and friendly taking good care if us guests, and the good was excellent . Wish it would have lasted longer, would highly recommend this tour to anyone seeking a safe, once in a lifetime adventure! : Marta Oliveira

12:11 29/03/2013
Amazon cruise Feb 17 - 23 2013: • From the Tropical Hotel, Manaus, 2 p.m. to board the smaller “traditional” boat; Luiz, our guide for 6 days, explains the route and daily schedule. • Daily: 5:30 a.m. wake-up call; coffee and juice, then sunrise bird watching via speedy longboat with up to 16 on board; breakfast; cruise, lunch. **ACTIVITY** • Dinner followed by p.m. night cruise / watch for caiman and sloth and any other bright animal eyes; usually in bed before 11 p.m., but reading and card playing —Jass-- were popular with the group: Swiss, German, American, Italian, French, Brazilian. • Guide Luiz had a great sense of multi-lingual humor. His expert knowledge of the wildlife of his native state, Acre, added a personal touch as he explained the nature of river life through the state of Amazonas. • Food: fresh fruit of all kinds (papaya, mango, banana varieties, pineapple, watermelon); excellent meals prepared by talented cooks. Attentive bartender. ** swim -- fish -- jungle hike -- village visit – sloth search – birding – monkey feeding – taking pictures, lots of pictures ** We have no hesitation recommending the cruise. Passengers and crew were an enjoyable group. : Rich and Barb Groen

Rio Negro Cruise / september 2012: Joining the 3-night tour on the Rio Negro was a suggestion made by our travel agent and we deeply appreciatted it! It was fantastic. We travelled on the premium boat and are happy to say the service is really premium. The rooms are quite confortable and the housekeeping did a great job maintaining it, as they did with the entire boat actually - returning from walking tours, they`ll ask you to leave your shoes on the canoes so they can clean it before we can spoil the floor with dirt. I thought that was a nice touch. The food was better than I expected, really. Tasty, fresh, and always a choice between regional and international. The guides were great. We had the Brazilian guide, Sardis, and he was excellent. Helpful, always in a good mood, really concerned and involved with the issues related to the environment and the communities that lived along (and from) ther river. Plus we were impressed by his knowledge of animals, specially birds. His boatman, Mr Gomes, also extremely knowledgeable and very experienced. The rest of the staff also very helpful. And the scenary around us... Well, you have to see it for youselves. There`s no way you wont be touched and changed by it. Sunsets were incredible. Long live the Amazon! : Paula Sterzi e Silva

17:47 20/08/2011
Recent Cruise: If your desire is to experience the Amazon (locals call it the Amazonas) River area of Brazil (local spelling is Brasil) I feel the Amazon Clipper Cruises offer the most comprehensive, informative and exciting tour available at a reasonable price. Specifically we chose the Clipper Premium which was quite comfortable with ample spaced rooms with two beds which could be pushed together as one large bed, spacious bathroom with stall shower and space for all your stuff. The food was excellent served buffet style; and the boat had ample deck space for viewing the flora and fauna. The 16-room ship accommodates a small group of 32 people while the excursion canoes holds 16 on comfortable bench seats with back supports – cushions are provided. The guides are local and extremely knowledgeable. While you can read about the daily activities on the Clipper internet site, much more is added during the trip and I will not go into details so as not to spoil the wonderful surprises in store for you during your adventure. Let me just say that this was a magical trip I will not soon forget. : Ted Furst

00:59 21/12/2010
excellent trip: My wife and I did the Amazon Clipper Cruise in December 2010. We had a great time. We were in Brazil for 2 weeks and the Cruise was the Highlight of our trip. The Guide was great and all the food was amazing. We went swimming in the River and Fishing and at night we went on the Canoe exploring for animals we saw many things and heard many differnet types of interesting sounds. Its a must thing to do if in the Amazon. : Renatto Silva

07:44 28/03/2010
Rio Negro cruise on the Premium: Just completed a 4 night cruise and must say that the crew and the guides (Kristoff and Sardes) gave us a wonderful introduction to the fabulous Amazon region. Lots of facts revealed while on jungle walks or river forays into where the animals were - so many beautiful creatures in their natural habitat... The Amazon basin is our last best hope and visiting it in this manner gave us more appreciation for the work that responsible tour operators do. Thanks, Gwenn and Carlos : Carlos Wysling

18:10 17/10/2009
Lost and Found: My husband and I really enjoyed the Amazon Clipper Cruise we took in September. Each room has a safe. We put several things in our safe. When we disembarked we thought we had removed everything from the safe. We had not, but did not realize this until we returned home. Within a few days our travel agent called and asked if we had lost something. I told him that I had left my small wallet in the room safe. The travel agent said, it had been found and to contact the Amazon Clipper Cruises and they would make arrangements to return it. I did this and had the wallet within one week. Thank you staff and crew for being so honest. : L. Jabbour

Negro River Cruise, June 2009: This cruise and the staff surpassed our high expectations. We were very pleased with the beauty and detail of the boat. The excursions were better than we dreamed. The Staff was better than just professional because they added their personalities, warmth and friendliness. They were very educated about the area. They are very kind, educated, warm, friendly and humble people. They were eager to please us. You don’t find this at the best 5 star resorts around the world. It was a very unique experience. I believe all the guests on the boat felt the same way. The food was outstanding and so much of it. Sandro was so hospitable and proud. I loved his enthusiasm & his evening appetizers. And he does make the best “caipirinhas”! Thank you for this wonderful experience; we will encourage our family and friends to come soon. All the Best. : Family Kelly, USA

13:14 05/05/2009
Amazon Cruise, december 2008: The reception was excellent. Staff very friendly, everything was clean etc. The excursions and side trips were excellent. Great birding. Guide & Boatman were excellent in spotting wildlife! We enjoyed the guide’s enthusiasm and extensive knowledge. The Cruise Staff were very friendly and helpful. We had a great time and loved seeing this beautiful area! : Golden & Ittman Party, USA booking thru Agency Abercrombie & Kent

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